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Digital Dialog Bots – A new era in communications

Author: Anjana Sadanandan

Digital Dialog Bots – A new era in communications

With the rise of hand-held communication devices, digital interactions have grown from response-delayed email to real-time communications through SMS and messaging platforms/apps.

Email is no longer the best option for communication with clients. With two-way real-time communications, businesses can achieve a new level of interaction – creating a dialog with customers and immediately meeting and reacting to their needs.

With the right digital communications platform, interactions with clients can send appointment reminders and receive confirmations, schedule appointments, solve customer problems, follow up on problem resolution, and conduct client satisfaction surveys.

Intelligent Automated Dialog Bots

The key to this digital revolution is the development of Intelligent Digital Communications platforms. Many digital communications platforms exist: WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc., and connecting these channels to Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems makes intelligent digital communications unique. With connections between communication and artificial intelligence, there are no limits on the level of client interaction.

AI systems can connect with other systems like customer databases, billing systems, calendars, and trouble ticketing systems. With bots, AI systems can communicate and automate activities requiring human intervention. The convergence of these technologies creates a unique opportunity to connect with customers more frequently and meaningfully. These interactions include:

  • Appointment reminders: Don’t just send your client an email or one-way SMS reminding them of their appointment. You can use two-way communication to confirm the appointment and, if necessary, reschedule the appointment. It’s all done without a single call to or from the office.
  • Schedule Appointments: Bots can now connect your customers to your appointment system. Customers can dialog with our scheduling bots and schedule their appointments through text messages or other communication channels. Whether reserving a table or scheduling an appointment for car service, our automation can make reservations without visiting a website or calling on the phone.
  • Solving Customer Problems: Help your customers solve their problems through our Artificial Intelligence problem resolution. Our bots will discuss the problem and propose solutions with your customers. We can offer videos or instructions on many communication channels to help them independently correct issues. To ensure problems are tracked thoroughly, these bots will even open a trouble ticket in your ticket management system so you can identify the problem and trend.
  • Problem Follow-up: With a trouble ticket created by our bot, we can confirm with the customer that their issue is resolved before closing the ticket. If the issue isn’t resolved, they can reassess the issue or transfer to a chat agent for in-person problem resolution.
  • Customer Survey: With the issue resolved, our bot can survey the client’s level of satisfaction. If the client is unsatisfied, we can transfer the dialog to a person-to-person chat to see what is needed to improve their satisfaction. Regular survey results are captured and reported to the client satisfaction team.
  • New customer interaction and satisfaction levels: The convergence of digital communications and artificial intelligence creates a unique opportunity for businesses to connect much deeper and more continuously than with normal voice and human communication. Intelligent bots properly implemented give new levels of access to your new and existing customers.

Reach new levels of intelligent communications with your customers today by contacting StraViso, your partner in empowering digital intelligence.