Digital Interactions


Fueled by the growing demand for an optimized​ field service operation, this industry is undergoing a phase​ of substantial growth and digital advancement in ​order to expand its scope and functionality. The deployment of a structured Field management solution will empower employees at all levels of the company to engage with their customers in innovative ways and reshape how leaders think about the customer experience.​
Our solution uses AI & automation to Integrate an intelligent mobile platform for field operation enablement. By leveraging mobile technology, a change happens in availability, communication, and access to knowledge to these field agents making them more readily available and accessible to critical information. A complete ecosystem that serves field users, back office serving field users and also Field Supervisors thereby making it a holistic solution for the field.

What is Field Cloud?

Intelligent Mobile Platform

Our Field Cloud platform provides a mobile tool kit that resides on your field tech’s mobile phone. It displays a wide range of applications ranging from job assignments to inventory tracking and from billing to product training. The mobile tool kit provides everything they need to be professional, efficient and productive.

Key Features

Job Management

  • Scheduling
  • Job type & status
  • Customer details
  • Ticket creation
  • Location services
  • Maps & directions


  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory updates
  • Billing charges
  • Escalations
  • Jeopardy management
  • Feedback

Knowledge Transfer

  • Video chats with product experts
  • Training videos and product documentation
  • Hot reads/announcements
  • Outages & alerts
  • Tech notes


  • Two-way communications between customers, back-office & management
  • Real-time scheduling updates
  • Sales referrals
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Efficiently manage the field tasks and Automate field technician’s workflow

  • Enhances job efficiency
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Capabilities include job tracker, mapping, data capture, on-demand-communication with video chat and asset scanning.

Business Benefits of Field Cloud

StraViso infuses AI and Automation to field operations and strives to improve first time fix rates, create efficiencies and improve customer communication. Listed below are the business benefits with this solution:

Saves Time​

This solution totally helps to initiate, complete and document a call​

Optimizes Two-way communication​

All and any communication between chat agents, the back office, field agents & customers​ is made seamless.

Mobile Toolkit

This eliminates paperwork by providing online forms to document appointments​

Improves productivity

Tech’s productivity scales up by increasing number of appointments completed in a day​

Automation processes​

Seamless extension of business solutions from back office agents to field agents​.

Realtime Visibility

​AI-driven decision-making technologies to help improve the real-time decision-making process and visibility


Management Portal provides real-time snapshot​Agents can access product or service information & create a job ticket or even a quote.

​Asset Tracking

Automates asset management ​and tracking inventory that leads to reduction of costs

​Maximizes productivity ​

Bringing back-office solutions to field agents via cloud-based, mobile platform​Enable upsell or cross-sell revenue streams & reduces costs​.