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Operations Cloud

Design, automate, and optimize complex workflows with AI

Organizations need a way to ensure successful actions are repeatable and generate consistent results. And this is possible if organizations standardize, automate, and monitor their business processes. Operations Cloud orchestrates complex business workflows with AI-powered digital workers, enabling organizations to achieve greater agility, scalability, and efficiency in their operations.

Do more with less with Operations Cloud

Increase efficiency and optimize port operations

StraViso’s Digital Concierge, powered by our AI Engine and Automation, helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) reduce port-in cycle time, ensure customer conversion, and reduce operational costs. The AI engine supports port-out management, keeping transactions flowing per required SLAs.

By leveraging AI capabilities, digital workers streamline repetitive tasks and reduce manual errors. The digital worker fetches orders from multiple portals, organizes fallouts into workgroups to prioritize issues, notifies customers of porting issues, and directly assists them in resolution.

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Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Elevate business events with digital workers

StraViso’s Event Concierge helps businesses plan events more efficiently and elevate user experience. They can schedule events, view and share documents, and register for functions via digital workers. Digital workers elevate the quality of services and customized experiences, coordinate and collaborate within teams, track progress, synchronize calendars, and share dashboards to keep all stakeholders informed.

Reduce order cycle time and increase business wins

StraViso’s Order Concierge is committed to addressing end-to-end operations across the Order-to-Activate (O2A) process, delivering an agile cross-functional team, and optimizing and automating operations holistically. By leveraging hyper-automation, customers can reduce O2A cycle time, reduce manual tasks, and increase business wins.

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Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Streamline IT desk service operations

AI-powered Service Concierge helps organizations automate their IT service desk operations and provide self-service solutions for customers. Context-specific chatbots aid technicians in performing simple service desk tasks such as approving requests or adding notes to requests through simple conversations. Chatbots can handle repetitive tasks, respond to general questions, and offer self-service options, helping customers find the answers they need without contacting a technician.

With Service Concierge, you can transform each technician into a team of 10, reduce time-to-resolution, and resolve tickets better and faster than ever.

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Orchestrate complex business workflows with a suite of Concierge Services


Operations Cloud

Reduce business costs with Live Chat

Live chats are most cost efficient that voice/phone support. Let's take a closer look at how implementing live chat platform can help you reduce operational costs.

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Drive enterprise agility with AI-powered SaaS products

Offering high-quality AI-enabled enterprise products, StraViso believes in giving the best to all business customers.

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Leverage the power of Live Chat to drive sales and revenue growth

Live chat holds an incredible power to increase revenue, boost workforce productivity, and enhance customer experience. Let's explore.

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