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Automate | Innovate | Repeat

Author: Anjana Sadanandan

Automate | Innovate | Repeat

The value of digital platforms, solutions, and processes becomes immediately apparent when the outbreak impacts traditional channels and operations.

What can you do to give your digital transformation the best chance of succeeding?

Experience points to a few critical pieces of the puzzle, such as changing the culture of IT (which is like teaching an elephant to dance), identifying and convincing stakeholders across the business, and connecting transformation to a meaningful vision for the company. Digital transformation influences your business, from HR and marketing to strategy, sales, and goals.

Still, the question remains as to Why?

Having a digital transformation strategy isn’t an option for businesses anymore. It’s a necessity!

New startups or even SMBs have this ingrained into their DNA. Better customer engagement, followed by better customer experience, is the key agenda of empowering your business with digital intelligence.

Bringing artificial intelligence into your service organization is a prime example of the power of digital transformation. AI-powered chatbots that answer simple customer inquiries serve as a welcoming presence on your website, reducing the time customers wait to reach an agent. Business Process Automation reduces costs and optimizes productivity. Operational and repetitive tasks become less of a burden and simplify your life. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), machines will be more able to solve complex business problems and derive insights for businesses, which can help make efficient decisions.

Having said so, StraViso uses just that! We use artificial intelligence, automation, and natural language processing combined with our expertise to develop intelligent systems that seamlessly flow between people and technology to maximize productivity, efficiency, and communications. With decades of experience working with global clients to turn business challenges into opportunities, we take a strategic approach to understanding your business processes, workflows, and interactions between departments and customers.

Our partners vary from System Integrators – IT Consultants – and Value-Added resellers to Cloud Services to deliver desired business outcomes for their clients. We have re-instated quality and deployed value-for-money solutions across industry verticals like Telecommunications, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Field Service Companies.


We align with your key business goals of revenue growth, optimized costs, efficiency in operations, and multi-channel customer engagement. With this backbone at the core, we sync to provide an over-the-top integration between various business systems to create a customer engagement and automation platform. Hence, we continuously automate, innovate, and repeat the process to deliver value propositions to our clients.

Our recent win of being named one of the Most Promising Digital Transformation Solution Providers of 2022 has proved our meticulous efforts to achieve our partners’ business goals.

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