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Make data-driven business decisions on the go with Operational Intelligence

Author: Anjana Sadanandan

Make data-driven business decisions on the go with Operational Intelligence

Enterprise operations are becoming more complex due to the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data that is being generated. Additionally, this data resides in multiple systems and is in “silos” with multiple ownership points across the enterprise. As a result, enterprises operating in mission-critical environments are challenged to:

  • Discover important patterns and insights on customer behavior to proactively improve the customer experience.
  • Identify anomalies and exceptions to mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Monitor key performance metrics to get a better view into the key metrics and trends impacting end-to-end operational performance.
  • Gain real-time insights into enterprise data to drive competitive differentiation.

To meet these challenges, enterprises are turning to Operational Intelligence (OI) to take timely actions based on real-time insights. Operational Intelligence solutions address the need for timely actions by monitoring, alerting, and supporting real-time decision-making through data and analytics about current business conditions.

How is Operational Intelligence different from Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) and Operational Intelligence (OI) are based on the same data sets, with one major difference: OI is measured in real-time, meaning the insights you get have relevance now.

On the other hand, business intelligence delivers visibility and insights based on historical data. BI integrates with enterprise systems to provide context between historical data and current operations, aligned with business goals, with limited insights into operational data.

OI closes the loop between past events and those that are happening now. Businesses can gather timely insights and capture intel as it develops, allowing them to take immediate action.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence solutions

A core business advantage of operational intelligence is an event-centric approach to Data Analysis, with a constant stream of new information that enables employees to be more efficient and make better decisions in real-time. By adopting operational intelligence, you can optimize your business processes and:

  • Gain real-time customer insights for more personalized interactions
  • Make informed data-driven decisions daily.
  • Better monitoring and proactive management of digital environments.
  • Leverage insights and KPIs based on AI/ML-driven models to optimize operations and improve efficiency.
  • Improve security by timely detection of threats.

A Roadmap to Operational Intelligence

While the abundance of data can be daunting, it presents organizations with valuable intelligence. In the right hands and with the proper tools, this wealth of data can be harnessed to resolve problems, isolate performance bottlenecks, and identify issues. Big operational data paired with sophisticated analysis software is the key to preventing problems, not just reacting to them, improving the customer experience, and revealing new business opportunities.

Straviso’s Operational Intelligence harnesses vast volumes of data, which provides valuable insights and guides actions for maintaining the performance of digital services on an enterprise level. It gives the ability to create composite data visualizations, combining historical and real-time data to perform risk analysis and identify emerging trends and patterns. These composites become a valuable decision-support tool for the business as they consider all available data, providing a broad, comprehensive view. IT Operations teams benefit from advanced algorithms, AI/ML, and automation which reduce manual effort. It empowers all business stakeholders to collaborate more efficiently, and make informed and better decisions.

With StraViso’s OI, you can leverage the potential of your enterprise data and use it to drive strategic and operational decision making. The software has powerful search, analysis, and visualization functions and provides more transparency in your business processes.

Our flagship product, Dispatch Cloud, a centralized platform to seamlessly manage dispatch operations leverages the power of Operational Intelligence (OI) for efficient data-driven decision-making in day-to-day operations, maximizes dispatcher and technician productivity, and enhances the customer experience in real-time.

Operational Intelligence empowers Field Managers with:

  • KPIs/SLA compliance to alert management of SLA breaches or lapses in service completion.
  • Real-time monitoring of data sources across organizations, enabling managers to continuously review field performance as and when it happens.
  • On-demand report generation with dynamic dashboards displaying KPIs.
  • Predictive analytics to help derive trends and insights from historic service delivery and uncover service inefficiencies.
  • Capacity Analytics helps capacity planners manage resource allocation, ensuring they meet current and future needs.

Use cases of Operational Intelligence across Industries

Financial Services
  • Fraud detection
    • Detect potential security issues
    • Identity theft
    • Identify Fraudulent transactions
  • Demand-based Manufacturing
    • Real-time analytics to boost productivity
    • Better visibility into complex production processes
    • Resolve compliance and downtime issues
  • Improve driver and warehouse productivity
    • Device check-out/check-in
    • Drive delivery costs down
  • Improving patient care
    • Monitor healthcare facility operations
    • Streamline hospital workflow
    • Track medical records
Field Services
  • Improve operational efficiency
    • Integrated dashboard delivering KPIs for asset utilization
    • Real-time alerts & notifications of user-defined trigger events
    • Advanced analytics for asset location
  • Increase workforce productivity
    • Workforce insights for improved productivity
    • Real-time workflow metrics
    • AI-based analysis to optimize performance
  • Enhance tech to customer communication
    • Uber like Tech Tracking
    • Emergency response
    • 2-way communication with techs

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