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Work Smart, Stay Organized

Author: Anjana Sadanandan

Work Smart, Stay Organized

Being organized is like being in control.

As more people become involved in project management, not using a tool to stay organized becomes quite challenging to accomplish a project – many things have to be performed in a well-organized manner. For those who don’t want to work smart in the current ecosystem where technology disruption happens every minute, why should you rely on streamlining your work life with a powerful task management tool? How does it help to bring you into that organized state of affairs? Does it even make a value proposition?

The answer is YES! 100%! Let’s see how.

a) Easy planning – A project management tool helps to create a hierarchy of tasks for effective and efficient completion. It also lets you indicate which steps are sequential and which tasks depend on one another. This helps a lot in saving time and building an element of accountability

b) Efficient task creation & prioritization – Every project consists of multiple tasks you or your team must complete. Maintaining a list of these tasks with roles & responsibilities becomes tedious. This is where a project management tool is handy: assign all critical tasks to team members and monitor how they perform.

c) Unified workflow – Getting the whole team to work as one is often hard to achieve. Such a tool makes everything look easier and in a diligent conduct. The team manager gets a chance to see the tasks his team is working on and which team members are involved. You can allocate tasks as per criticality within groups and create a unified workflow as it contributes to a company’s sustainable future and creates cohesion within a team.

d)Track the pack – Tracking the pack of tasks is of great value. It allows you to collect data about team members and to know their work pace. This will make planning future projects much easier. The team leader can then make much more precise time estimations.

StraViso’s myTaskEasy provides seamless organization-wide task management, helping teams collaborate anywhere to complete tasks in record time. myTaskEasy is built with speed and simplicity in mind. A fresh, clean design makes it easy to use and flexible with no learning curve.

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