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A global telecom company improved their operational efficiency by 80%

About the Client

Describe the client; the market they operate; provide some obfuscated details on location, year they were founded. Describe the primary industry and customers they serve.

Typical sources are (examples are hyperlinked)


Elaborate about the client, setting the stage. Describe the situation that led to them working with StraViso. What were the customer’s goals?

Business Problem

Describe the challenges the clients face in reaching their goals or achieving their business needs.


Describe the solution that StraViso provided to the client. How did StraViso satisfy client needs and help the client meet their goals?

List any quotes from the client. Quotes should typically amplify the benefits they gained.
– Name, Designation, Company name


Describe the benefits and outcomes of the solution. Describe the overall outcome for the client from StraViso services / solution. Include quantifiable results achieved, cost savings, business process efficiencies, increase in sales and leads, service improvements. What can the client do now that they couldn’t do before?