Digital Interactions



StraViso brings decades of experience working with global clients to turn business challenges into opportunities. We take a strategic approach to understand your business processes, workflows and interactions between departments and customers.

We use artificial intelligence, automation and natural language processing combined with our expertise to develop intelligent systems that seamlessly flow between people and technology to maximize productivity, efficiency and communications.


    Artificial intelligence at the center of our ecosystem

    AI platform – lumen, acts as a catalyst to automate and optimize operations, enabling transformations to digital operations.

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  • BUZZ

    Bi-directional, intelligent notifications

    Enterprise notification platform, designed for internal as well as external communications – with customer, technicians

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    Integrated field employees/ Users/Agents

    Mobile platform used by field technicians to perform various activities related to new installations as well as repair job functions.

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    Intelligent, internal & external collaboration platform

    AI powered enterprise collaboration platform, task driven communication between various internal users.

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    Real-time productivity and behavior monitoring

    Organizational People Analytics platform that captures and monitors application usage behavior, offering a 360° user behavior view.

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    Persona-based knowledge repository

    NLP-powered, intelligent platform, delivering personalized, specific knowledge base to the specific users anywhere, anytime.

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  • KnowME

    Customer Preferences Management

    Unified, omni-channel platform offering on-demand, granular and personalized communications to users tapping all the touch points.

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    Intuitive desktop with unified view of customer data

    Automate your processes with an intuitive and well-managed desktop. Get a secured access to various applications.

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